Unique Blossoms

Spring has officially sprung.  The thing I love about this time of the year is seeing flowers peep out from humble beginnings and blossom into this world.

I was recently given a lovely bunch of lilies, roses and other beauties as a floral gift.  As the flowers gradually blossomed and made my place feel homely, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of the lilies were firmly closed.  I tried everything: cutting the stems, warm water, changing position of the flowers, moving the vase.  Nothing seemed to work and these lilies did not open.  The rest of the flowers however, continued to let off beautiful aromas and brighten my living room, but the closed lilies were still a mystery.  All of the flowers came from the same shop, sat in the same vase and received the same amount of water, plant food and sunlight.  What could it have been?

Through a stroke of inspiration, something then dawned upon me:  a bunch of flowers can be a likened to a class of children.  Yes, it does sound a bit bizarre, but bear with me here… ☺

In a mainstream primary classroom, the majority of the kids learn, develop, play and grow together in a similar fashion.  This may be due to anything from social commonalities to shared cultural conditioning.  On the other hand, in the same class, there may also be a selected one or two children who are simply ‘wired differently’ and need a more personalised approach.

Like the closed lilies, these selected kids, are just as special and have an immense amount of inner beauty, vibrancy and joy to share, but are simply not ready to show themselves to the world around them, or in some cases do not know how to.

Within any group of children or adults, someone may be ‘wired differently’ and this is okay.  Some may indeed have autism, sensory processing delays, ADHD or other conditions affecting how they experience the world around them.  To me, its more important to be empathetic, show compassion and celebrate how unique everyone is in their own right.

Whilst some of my lilies never opened, I appreciate the difference they made to my bunch of flowers and how their presence brought me to thoughtful contemplation.  The seasons may change every few months, but what still remains, is that not everyone or everything blossoms in the same way and this is okay.

Yours truly,

Miss H ♥



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