Dear Introvert 💖

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

There’s a few things I’d like to say
Firstly, kudos for being you
Living this life in your own way
People may question if you’re being true
But being authentic is better than okay
You may be known as the ‘quiet one’
The kid that doesn’t quite fit in the crowd
Who needs to have more fun
Because you’re not overtly loud
And act differently from everyone

But let me make this crystal clear
A person who values their own space
Is certainly not someone to fear
By listening from within at your own pace
Inner strength and kindness can be steered

So keep observing more than you speak
Hold your own from mindless chatter
Be brave and create that master piece
By focusing on what truly matters
In good time you’ll feel anxiety release

Composite image of cute pupil wearing glasses

Your friends may have plenty to say
Its fine to listen to small talk
Smile and respond in your own way
See them watch you like a hawk
When you politely walk away

Dry those eyes and stand up tall
You are an amazing introvert
Reflective, independent and thoughtful
Use self-compassion to heal the hurt
Feel my love and support in full

So go forth and conquer
Be unique and listen to your heart
A moment of quiet makes you stronger
Free your talent, its a good place to start
Being overshadowed will last no longer
A new beginning is very near
A meaningful life where you keep growing
Moving onwards and upwards my dear
With a sense of quiet inner knowing
That all is well and your path is clear

Yours truly,

Miss H ♥

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