New Book: Mindful Little Yogis

I am delighted and incredibly excited to announce that Tuesday, 21st August, will see the launch of my new book, Mindful Little Yogis: Self-Regulation Tools to Empower Kids with Special Needs to Breathe and Relax. Published by Singing Dragon, an imprint of international publishing house, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Mindful Little Yogis is an inclusive, step-by-step guide to calming strategies to help children master emotional self-regulation and improve mental wellbeing.

Mindfully written to empower children with special needs and to make a lasting impact on their lives, the fun, practical mindfulness activities in the book are adaptable for a range of abilities, including autism, ADHD and other special needs. With simple breathing techniques, sensory integration, yoga games, and other activities, children learn to self-regulate and find a sense of calm during times of anxiety and other heightened emotions.

Click below to watch the promotion video:

Around one in ten children and young people in the UK are affected by mental health issues, whilst one in five school-aged children in England, have a diagnosis of special educational needs. Social, emotional and developmental conditions affect children’s experiences of learning, communication skills, and how they feel about themselves and others. With this in mind, I decided to take on the massive, and incredibly rewarding project to write Mindful Little Yogis to reflect the growing need for teachers, parents and therapists to integrate inclusive mindfulness into every day routines at school and home. I truly believe that now, more than ever, children need accessible tools to develop the self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience they can carry with them for life.

So, if you’re parent, teacher, therapist or anyone working with children, and want to make a real difference to the lives of the children you live or work with, join the Mindful Little Yogis movement! You can purchase the book from Amazon, Singing Dragon (my publishers), by following this link: or from all good bookstores.

Yours truly,

Miss H 💚

P.S. To join the Mindful Little Yogis Community, head over to the book’s facebook page, and see photos from our lovely book launch, which was held at the iconic bookstore, Foyles Charing Cross.

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